Saturday, 23 May 2020

Business leader and consultant Robert Bernstock

The 20-plus year career of Robert Bernstock within the business industry has led to various leadership roles and numerous appointments to company Boards of Directors. He has served as a consultant, including a five-year agreement through 2016 with Central Garden and Pet Company -- a brand that is the “leading national marketer and producer of branded products for the lawn and garden and pet supplies markets.” Bernstock also has filled the positions of CEO, president or executive vice president for three different Fortune 1000 companies in addition to serving as president of the nation’s largest federal government agency.

This significant experience coupled with positive commentary and endorsements for his career from 1992 to 2016 led to numerous memberships on company boards. In his professional work in 2016, as both business leader and consultant, Bob Bernstock believes that it is critical to embrace change and guide businesses to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. He was recognized also for his strategic planning, innovation, change management and leadership. He applied that insight into his Board of Directors roles, which ranged from public to private companies and again included three Fortune 1000 brands.

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